About the Pancreatic Cancer Association
of WNY

Our beginnings were humble.
Our mission keeps us humble.

In Fall 2009, three women discovered an unlikely and unfortunate bond that would change their lives forever. These three ladies found that they had more in common than they could ever have imagined — they were all from the Rochester area, and were all fighting pancreatic cancer in some way.

Judy Rockafellow and Mary Pettinaro had lost a husband and a brother in 2009 respectively, and Lynn Platt’s mother, who passed in 2010, was fighting the disease at the time. Their fervent desire to battle back and fight this dreadful disease was the first step taken towards our collective fight against pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Association of Western New York, fundraiser, support PCA WNY, Step It Up! 5K Walk
Pancreatic Cancer Association of Western New York, fundraiser, support PCA WNY, Step It Up! 5K Walk

In 2010, a group of men and women, having felt the devastating impact of pancreatic cancer, directed their personal pain to fighting this horrible disease. The group organized a community-wide 5K Walk to fund local pancreatic research. The community’s support was so overwhelming that it was apparent more needed to be done.

In 2012, the Pancreatic Cancer Association of WNY was formally founded out of a growing need for support both on the research side and to help others facing a diagnosis or loss from pancreatic cancer.


Today and beyond tomorrow.

We continue to expand our outreach efforts beyond the annual walk to educate the community about pancreatic cancer — symptoms, risk factors, and research progress — and provide support to patient and their families. We create awareness of pancreatic cancer through community outreach, collaborative partnerships, and initiatives.


To create awareness, raise funds, and advocate for those affected by pancreatic cancer.


The Pancreatic Cancer Association of WNY is committed to:

CREATING awareness

Of pancreatic cancer and the vital need for funding to advance research. This is critical to understanding the genesis of the disease which can lead to identifying early detection measures.


On the risk factors and symptoms of pancreatic cancer, treatment options, and research efforts so they can have more informed dialogues with physicians about their health and medical care, or that of their loved ones.


To patients and their families using our shared experience and resources, to help them remain strong in the fight against cancer.

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